Unusual Jubilee tribute revealed

A man has built his own replica of the Houses of Parliament to mark the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Bill Musgrave from Goudhurst in Kent has designed and constructed a 30-foot long and 14-foot high model of the famous landmark. Just before Jubilee weekend, he plans to float the model on the village pond, reports the Press Association.

It is planned that local school children will make around 300 boats to be launched on the pond to simulate the planned pageant on the River Thames, while the large replica will be lit by special solar lights.

“Not too many people have seen it, but those who have have said they have been overwhelmed by it. When I was asked to make it, I never thought it would be quite as good as it is. After the jubilee, it is hoped it will be used in the months and years ahead at other village events,” said Mr Musgrave.

Inspiration for the unusual model came when the local jubilee committee spotted a similar replica which was built for the village in 1952 to mark the Queen’s coronation and they thought it would be fitting to commission another.

People staying in The Montcalm London Marble Arch Hotel can visit the life-size version of the Houses of Parliament as it is open to the public. Visitors are able to watch Parliament debates, view committee meetings as well as climb Big Ben.

On Saturdays and during the closed summer session of Parliament, visitors can also go on a special 75 minute tour of the Houses which takes in the Commons and Lords Chambers, the Queen’s Robing Room, the Royal Gallery and Westminster Hall. Tickets cost £15 per adult and for children £6.

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