150th anniversary of London Underground

9TH January 1863 marks the day when the world’s first underground train pulled out of Paddington station to make the first passenger journey-Three and a half miles journey under the streets of London from Paddington to Farrington and to the record books.

So on 9th January 2013 London Underground celebrated 150 years since then, it plays a big part in the lives of Londoners, connecting people and places across the capital. Travelling on the new railway was a novelty as thousands of them were eager to experience as on the first day of public service-long queues formed at every station. The line was a huge success with 26,000 passengers using the railway each day in the first six months.

One of the reasons behind its identity is the Art and design within the transport system. Going back to 20th century and imagine the vision of Frank Pick who saw the total design on the tube- from the walls to the pocket maps resulted in a mix of work.

To the passengers on board and the spectators who caught a glimpse of it rushing past, it was history in action. It evoked a by-gone era and hinted at what the underground was like in 1863 when it was run with steam engines. The train began its journey in Kensington Olympia station in west London. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the London underground, London transport museum has launched an exclusive collection of gifts and souvenirs. Limited edition ceramics based on the unique and iconic design heritage of the underground can be purchased at the London transport museum. The events will explore the tube’s fascinating history and also look at the vital role it will continue to play in future.-both in the lives of Londoners and to the economic life of UK.

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