London Eye – A Popular Attraction

London is the most spectacular city in the world. It has a peaceful co existence in the present. Various tourists travel to the city of London very frequently. They talk a lot about London Eye. This is a modern day addition to the mind blowing list of various tourist attractions in London. It is a 135 meters high Ferris wheel. A stunning view of the city of London is offered. This wheel is the tallest in the whole world. However, a tough competition is being faced by the London Eye from the stars of Nanchang. The observation wheel is the most visited travel spot in within the country of London. There are many visited travel spots in the city of London.

It has been said by Shakespeare that nothing lies in the name. However, everyone knows that there is often a story behind naming a particular person or an object. This is true in case of London Eye.  Initially, it was known as British airways London eye. It was also known as Merlin Entertainments. It was a part of millennium celebration in London. It is known as the Millennium wheel as well. Later it was renamed as the London eye. This London eye was designed mainly by a team of professional and highly efficient group of architects. This includes the Frank Anatole, Nic Bailey and Steven Chilton. There is also a team of Julia Barfield and David Marks. This tourist attraction attracts millions of tourists from all across the world.

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