Herr Kettner’s Kabaret

Herr Kettner’s Kabaret will take place at the two-storey Baroque House in Soho on 28th September in which a world of hedonism and debauchery will be displayed that will remind Londoners of the time after the Great Depression and the crash of Wall Street when the main brunt was felt by the German economy and millions of young Germans were unemployed, hungry and desperate and were looking forward to a solution from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The Weimer Germany inspired evening shows a desperate world where bold new art and even bolder social mores coincide with economic collapse and political turmoil. Revellers will be able to choose from a plethora of tipples such as exotic cocktails, glasses of bubbly or even a sip from the absinthe fountain. Revellers are also shown to be visiting filthy sex shows, dancing on tables and living it up in a similar fashion as was shown in “Cabaret”.

The Baroque House is home to Herr Kettner’s Kabaret set over 2 floors of the Georgian townhouse in Soho. The Ballroom of the show will host the Shirt Tail Stompers jazz six-piece, with complimentary swing dance lessons, and vintage DJing from Swingin’ Dickie. The burlesque box in the Kabaret Lounge will be ticked by Sophia St. Villier and for people wanting more, you can find ukele players, tap-dancers, comics and magicians in the Absinthe Lounge.

There will be plenty of opportunities for entertainment as guests will have the liberty to roam through the Ballroom and enjoy live music from jazz six-piece Shirt Tail Stompers and complimentary swing dance lessons.
Guests can also pose in a glamorous vintage photo shoot at the Café Foto and be a part of bellyaching laughter at The Comedy Salon. They will also be able to tickle their taste buds by having a choice between a three-course gourmet menu accompanied by exclusive Kabaret performances, or an array of bar food that they can enjoy throughout the evening.

The Baroque building is also a modern French restaurant and champagne bar. It was built in the 1860s as a grand hotel by Auguste Kettner, who was the chef of Napoleon III. Kettner’s occupies two huge floors of the building.

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