London’s Coolest New Attractions

London is indeed a tourists’ paradise as it offers innumerable attractions ranging from historic monuments to the latest technological marvels due to which thousands of tourists pour into the city every day. The city keeps on adding new attractions all the time so that its popularity as a tourist haven increases.

The latest attraction is Thames RIB experience which is an already popular outing on the River Thames but it has been re-vamped to make it more attractive, especially for James Bond fans. A new feature has been added to the fantastic Thames RIB experience, which is a stand-alone 80-minute itinerary featuring James Bond-themed items and fascinating anecdotes about the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming and high-speed flyby past the headquarters of the M15 and M16 secret service. The 400-horsepower vessel already speeds past some of London’s most iconic sights at 64.4km per hour.

The Big Ben, which is London’s iconic clock tower, has been renamed as the Elizabeth Tower in 2012, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. The cast-iron minute hands, which were being considered as too heavy, have now been replaced with the latest lighted copper hands. Initially, Big Ben was a nickname of the gargantuan bell but nowadays the moniker refers to the bell, the clock face and the 315ft tower also. The clock tower was built from the inside out and finishing touches were given to the granite tower when the clock tower was installed in 1859.

Propstore is a London cafe and bar that was built using scenery and props from recent National Theatre productions and although the favourite play might not still be playing at the National Theatre, but Propstore is drawing all the attention this summer. There are more than 1,000 items on display and diners, drinkers, theatre-goers and tourists can play “spot the prop” among the above eclectic collection in the Propstore located in a small space on London’s South Bank, near the riverside entrance of the National Theatre. Propstore uses a small selection of the props and costumes of National Theatre that are usually stored in a warehouse in Brixton. Through these props and costumes, the creativity and attention to detail that take place behind the scenes are clearly showcased.

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