Hotels in London – An Overview

If you search for the best hotels in the world, quite a lot of them will probably be found in London’s luxurious, magnificent and elegant hotels. With stylist architectural beauty combined with traditional English decor, beautifully decorated rooms providing the latest technological amenities, facilities such as contemporary Wi-Fi in all public areas and rooms, private verandas and lounge, views of internationally known landmarks like the Buckingham Palace, own restaurant offering a vast selection of meals and libraries, gyms, shopping complexes all a part of the hotel itself, it’s no wonder the hotels of London instantly top the charts.

Hotel industry in London began to flourish only in the 19th century, however, they were of much smaller size in comparison to the hotels in the USA. With the development of the railways, tourists and travelers began to flood into London, necessitating the building of what is best known as the “railway hotels” near the train stations, by the railway companies themselves. Some of these hotels performed so well that they were soon categorized as some of the best progressing industry of the UK.

Some of these traditional buildings still stand proudly, and some of them house newly renovated luxury and boutique hotels. The first of these hotels was The Great Western Hotel at Paddington. It has since been rebuilt, renovated and now it has been renamed as Hilton London Paddington. These are hotels of class and here you can stay among classy amenities and excellent sufficing.

A number of hotels sprang up in London during the Victorian period. Around this time came up some of the most famous and still well-known hotels in London, like the Ritz and the Savoy. The period between the two World Wars also saw the rise of a number of London hotels. With the increase in rail traffic, and the development of air transport, the period following the Second World War saw a phenomenal increase in the number of big and luxury hotels in London.

The current trend of small boutique hotels, personalized and tailor – made for the need of every type of traveler into London, started in the 1980s. A large – scale proliferation of new hotels occurred in the hotel industry during the early 19th century. Although there is no register maintaining the correct number of hotels in London at present, however, the count can be easily put around 101269 rooms. London has seen a boom in the hotel industry during this time.

Some of the premier hotels in London include The Montcalm London Marble Arch, 45 Park Lane, 51 Buckingham Gate and so on. A stay at these destinations will help you have a unique London experience. Therefore, it is all allurement and glamour in staying in London.

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