London’s Five Most Popular Garden Cafes

What’s a better way of spending a summer afternoon in London than by going out, on a picnic to a city park? The parks of London are not just parks but ‘royal parks’ which are exquisitely maintained with a lot of amazing activities, attractions and eating joints. You can spend your day at one of the garden cafes of these amazing parks or you can enjoy activities like boating, skating, horse riding and swimming. Let’s explore the options of restaurants and cafes these parks have on offer –

• The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen at the Hyde Park – The café was designed by iconic architect Patrick Gwynne. The location of the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen along the banks of Serpentine Lake simply makes it one of the most beautiful places to dine-out in London. The café serves a variety of freshly prepared sandwiches, pizzas, salads and beverages.

London Popular Garden Cafes

• The Garden Café at the Regents Park – The popular café which was earlier known by the name of ‘The Little Chef’ offers picturesque views of the Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. The menu at the Garden Café is quite extensive. You can order from a range of teas, pastries and snacks or you can go for some more filling delicacies like the Full English Breakfast, pizzas and other wood fire dishes.

• The Brewhouse at Kenwood House – Located amid the garden surroundings and overlooking the Hampstead Heath, The Brewhouse is the perfect destination for spending a few hours of complete peacefulness in the arms of Mother Nature. You can plan an entire weekend getaway break around this pretty little café, which serves an assortment of sandwiches, beverages and mouth-watering desserts.

• Chiswick House Café – Build on the format of a neo-Palladian villa, Chiswick House Café offers views of the stunning historical surroundings of the Chiswick House, which was built in the year 1729. The spacious and comfortable seating arrangement of the café enables you to truly enjoy your time. The dessert menu of the café will simply leave you asking for more.

• Inn the Park at St. James’s Park – St James Park is the oldest royal park of London and Inn the Park Café is one of the finest garden cafes of the continent. The extensive gourmet menu of the café is appreciated by food critics from all around the world.

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