‘A new industrial revolution’ coming to the Design Museum

The Design Museum, located in Shad Thames, is one of London's finest venues for learning about contemporary industrial design and architecture – whether you're interested in recent innovations or emerging technologies that are expected to transform the way we live.

Visitors of either camp should be fascinated by the museum's forthcoming exhibition, The Future is Here. Sponsored by the Technology Strategy Board, the show promises a comprehensive overview of the new techniques that have changed the face of manufacturing – and should give visitors a glimpse of what curators hail as "a new industrial revolution".

Foremost among these new processes is 3D printing – a massively exciting new technology that lets users make real-life copies of objects designed on a computer. The Future is Here shows how 3D printing is already used in a wide variety of different ways, from the production of customised dolls to complex car parts.

In fact, the Design Museum has set up a small workshop area dedicated to digital fabrication projects – meaning exhibition-goers will be able to see 3D printing and laser etching take place before their eyes.

Other technologies explored by The Future is Here include digital looms, nanotechnology, biotech and open-source micro computing. Visitors should come away with a renewed appreciation for why these innovations are so special – and how profoundly they might change everyday life.

Deyan Sudjic, the museum's director, says: "200 years ago, what happened in Lancashire's cotton mills and Cornwall's tin mines changed the world. Now it's the turn of Silicon Roundabout and the hacktivists."

The exhibition kicks off on July 24th and runs until October 29th, so there's plenty of time for science buffs to book hotel accommodation in London and attend. Tickets cost £11.75 for adults and £10.70 for concessions, with a discounted rate of £7.50 also available to students.

Those travelling to the museum via the tube should head towards either the Tower Hill or London Bridge stop.

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