Afternoon tea ‘good for your health’

Taking afternoon tea at a luxury London hotel like The Montcalm could not only be enjoyable, it could also be good for your health.

The Tea Advisory Panel released a report recently, which showed that an ingredient found in black tea may play a role in preventing periodontal disease.

A second report by the group found that black tea can be effective in promoting heart health and preventing disease.

The researchers discovered that consuming more than three cups of black tea a day can reduce a person’s risk of coronary artery disease by 70 per cent.

Meanwhile, a third study showed that tea can improve mental function and alertness, boosting a person’s ability to concentrate.

Commenting on the findings of the first report, Dr Carrie Ruxton, a member of the Tea Advisory Panel, said they are not surprising, as tea has been recognised for its antibacterial properties since the 1800s.

“This is now backed up by research which shows that compounds in tea, called flavonoids, disrupt the bacteria in the mouth that cause dental decay,” she remarked.

“Black tea flavonoids are more potent than those found in green tea. Flavonoids also inhibit the breakdown of starch from our foods whilst we are chewing them. This helps to prevent build up of plaque.”

The Montcalm hotel offers visitors a traditional afternoon tea for £25 per person, with a fine selection of JING loose leaf teas to choose from.

JING, run by Edward Eisler and his teams in London and Hong Kong, seek to build relationships with some of the world’s finest tea producers in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan.

As well as traditional teas and herbal infusions, the brand also offers rare teas usually not seen outside their country of origin.

Alongside the tea, guests will also enjoy an array of savoury tea finger sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, as well as a selection of pastries and fruit tartlets.

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