Alfresco tango event comes to London

Dance lovers visiting luxury London hotels this month may be interested in taking part in live Tango performances and workshops among some of the city’s most famous attractions.

The alfresco event takes part in the Scoop, an outdoor amphitheatre near the Mayor of London’s offices and set against the backdrop of St Paul’s.

Including live music, beginners workshops and “Milonga” social dancing, the event is part of the Thames Festival programme on September 10th.

Star performers include electro tango act Sean A McGee and dance group El Farabute, as well as DJ Diego Doigneau.

The event kicks off at 12:00 GMT with a beginners workshop, followed by the resident DJ from Negracha Tango Club at 13:00 GMT.

Cesar Velasquez and Masha Gurina promise to wow spectators with their tango performance at 15:30 GMT, while El Farabute take to the stage at 17:00 GMT.

The group was founded in London’s milongas in 2009, with the duo subsequently performing in the UK, Germany and Argentina, including collaborations with top tango singers Noelia Moncada and Gabriel Mores.

Festivities continue into the evening with a 18:00 GMT tango act by Leandro Palau & Romina Godoy.

The pair have recently produced and choreographed their new show Emociones del Alma, a world class stage performance with 12 dancers, six musicians and two singers.

Following closely behind them is DJ Sergius who will encourage members of the audience to come up to the dance floor and socialise.

Sean A McGee takes over the Scoop at 19:00 with his self composed and performed electro tango music.

“His album, Nebulosa, has become a hit across the international tango world and has received rave reviews from many countries including the USA, Australia, Germany and of course, the UK,” comments the organisers.

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