All About Southwark Borough

Southwark is an inner London borough that overlooks the Thames. It is popular as one of the famous business and entertainment districts of London.  The northern part of the borough has seen a major transformation in the past decade. The central part of the borough dominantly has several religious minorities. The southern part of the country is more residential in nature. The population of the borough of Southwark is growing and people from different backgrounds are settling down in the borough to give it a rich diversity. More and more people are thinking of staying in this part of the city. Students preferably think of staying in this area and therefore, you will come across some very reasonable priced accommodations.

Southwark enjoys many attractions in its boundaries and therefore receives tourists in huge volumes. The borough is home to some of the popular attractions which are visited by tourists on their visit. Tower Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Southwark Bridge and London Bridge are all within the borough. Tourists can also visit he Tate Modern Art Gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Imperial War Museum while staying in this borough. This history buffs can enjoy exploring the remains of the medieval Winchester Palace. The Borough Market close to the London Bridge is considered to be the most famous food market. Enjoy fresh air in the open parks and spaces and Southwark has some best parks of the city like Sydenham Hill Wood and Southwark Park.

So, if you ever think of visiting London, plan to decide in this part of the city.

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