Art museum opens in north London

A new art museum in Camden is holding its first exhibition and features some unusual pieces.

The David Roberts Art Foundation has relocated from a temporary space to a more permanent home in Camden’s High Street in a former furniture workshop.

The first show at the gallery is entitled A House of Leaves and the majority of pieces come from private collections across the UK and the world.

Unusually the exhibition will change over time as the pieces are rehung and changed. It is expected by the close of the show on February 23rd the exhibition will have evolved into something different.

One of the most striking pieces included in the exhibition has been created by US artist Matthew Day Jackson. Using burnt pieces of wood, he has recreated a decaying London complete with a molten lead pool to represent the River Thames. It is expected that many visitors will spend time trying to identify key landmarks and favourite locations on the charred map.

A House of Leaves also features some rather bizarre pieces such as a pot of paint which has left a stain on the shiny concrete floor.

Reviews of the exhibition have been positive and encourage people to approach the show with an open mind.

“Such high concept art may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s nothing wrong with a spot of mental ping-pong,” explained a review by Time Out London.

The museum has been created with the support of one of the art world’s most renewed collector of contemporary pieces and is expected to develop into a must for alterantive art fans staying in central London hotels.

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