Before the Party adaptation comes to Almeida Theatre

The adaption of W Somerset Maugham’s short story Before the Party will be making its way to London’s Almeida Theatre later this month.

In the first new production for a quarter of a century, playwright, director and actor Matthew Dunster will be reviving the 1950s stage performance, previously headed under the watchful eye of Rodney Ackland, on March 21st.

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Delving into the life of the Skinner family as they attempt to return to normality after the war, the show promises to be captivating viewing for visitors staying at luxury hotels in London over the coming months.

The twists and turns of the story – which centres around daughter Laura who returns from Africa, widowed but not alone – is likely to leave viewers on the edge of their seat as the plot thickens when she reveals a shocking secret.

Tourists visiting the capital will have an opportunity to watch the performance at the Islington Theatre up until May 11th.

Tickets are available from as little as £8 with an array of dates and times available, including matinee options.

Ackland, the original writer, is best known for Absolute Hell, which starred Judi Dench at the National Theatre in 1996. However, his adaptation of Before the Party has been described by organisers as “hilarious” and a “sizzling portrayal of the upper middle classes adjusting to post-war life”.

Katherine Parkinson, best known for her performances in television programmes such as the IT Crowd, will play the character of Laura. Stella Gonet, Alex Price and Michelle Terry will also join the strong cast over the three months.

The 325-seat studio theatre is located at the heart of Islington, meaning visitors won’t have a problem making their own way there.

For theatre-goers making their way on the Tube, the Highbury and Islington station is only a ten or 15 minute walk way.

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