Black Widow’s Ball comes to London

Visitors to luxury London hotels this Halloween may be interested in attending a party with a difference at the exclusive White Blackbird club.

Tickets are now on sale for the event, titled The Black Widow’s Ball, which takes place in the entirety of the converted 17th century hotel and mansion, Stoke Place.

Boasting 40 rooms and 26 acres of land, the party will decorate the entire venue with a nod to the classic Hammer Horror movies.

Alongside feasting and elaborate cocktails, visitors to the estate on October 28th (the Friday before Halloween) will be treated to a Gothic ballroom featuring “Vampire Fang-dango” headed by striptease starlet Vicky Butterfly.

“Upstairs will see a Mummification Room (to fit guests with costumes), a nude portraiture salon (could be very scary), and burlesque beauty Millicent Binks as Queen Dracula, who’ll be ‘bathing in blood and eating her suitors for breakfast’, which is not very cheery,” reported Thrillist.

Furthermore, there will be a rebirth of the infamous Thirteen Club, which was originally founded in 1881 and counted five US presidents amongst its members.

The group taunted superstition by breaking mirrors and dining under skull-decorated candle holders.

Drinks will be provided by “Alcoholic Alchemists”, who will serve any request or a drink they think fits your costume best.

“The Secret Den will welcome you into its hopefully goat-filled ‘Pagan rituals’; and a punch bar will serve vintage concoctions,” added the report.

Guests will be fed a three-course bistro meal, while braver souls can wait for the mysterious All-Black Midnight Feast.

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