Body Media for Weight Loss while Travelling

Vacations are the time to leave all the stress of everyday behind and just let yourself go! When we are on holiday, we splurge, we drink and we eat like there’s no tomorrow! It is only after we get back that we realize that our clothes have gotten a bit snugger than before. The few kilos we add on become a factor of stress for us, completely eliminating the wondrous effects of the vacation we have just had!

I’m sure many of us can relate to the above. To avoid getting post holiday stress, there is a simple solution that we can work out. It is all in our hands – literally! The inconspicuous smartphone or tablet that we use, can turn into our weight watcher for us! The BodyMedia Fit gadget that fits around the arm, and is designed to track as much as 9000 pieces of information about your day. These include factors such as the calories you’ve burned, how well you’ve slept, among others, that help keep track of your weight.


This sleek Body Media armband can be your ideal companion on your travels, so you can binge within limits. In fact, it will even motivate you to follow a healthy routine, eat the right foods, and even travel better – like use the stairs whenever possible, walk to the Underground stations, stand on the bus, cycle around the city and so much more!

The Body Media armband will let you know if you have taken in more calories than required, which will encourage you to hit the gym or fitness centre at the luxury hotel where you’re staying. Trust me, the drop in the calorie meter will give you a huge boost and will make you feel even better about yourself. After all, it isn’t for everyone to keep fit even on holidays!

Body Media helps you track your progress on your smartphone or online, so you’re always connected. You need to take up a monthly or yearly subscription, but this is such a small investment as compared to other fitness alternatives. So go ahead, and have a healthy vacation, like none before!

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