Brand new Viking exhibition now open at British Museum

Generally considered to be among the most prestigious museums in the world, the British Museum regularly hosts ground-breaking exhibitions that feature stunning artefacts which have never been seen before.

Following on from last year’s hugely successful display about the ancient civilisations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the famous venue is now holding yet another fascinating exhibit, with the Vikings: Life and Legend collection having opened yesterday (March 6th).

British Museum

Running until June 22nd, this fascinating display aims to shed new light on how the fearsome Vikings lived as they embarked on their various military conquests around Europe.

The museum’s first exhibition to focus on the Vikings in more than three decades, this thrilling collection features a number of recently discovered items that visitors will never have laid eyes on before, and has a strong emphasis on Viking warfare and warriors.

Among the highlights on the exhibit is the longest Viking warship ever discovered, which measures 37 m in length and is making its debut in the UK.

Known as Roskilde 6, the ship was built in 1025 AD and excavated from the Roskilde fjord in Denmark in 1997, before being restored to its former glory thanks to a painstaking conservation operation.

Other objects include swords, coins, jewellery and religious images, all of which help to paint a picture detailing how the Vikings lived, and this is in fact the first exhibition to be housed in the British Museum’s brand new Sainsbury Gallery.

Interestingly, the collection also includes a number of archaeological finds which help to tell the story of a rare defeat for the Viking warriors in southern England, and thus details both the rise and fall of their empire, while placing this in a global context.

The British Museum is located close to Tottenham Court Road tube station, which is just three stops from the Montcalm Hotel on the Central Line.

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