British Museum celebrates art of the Ice Age

A new exhibition at the famous British Museum will celebrate the artwork created during the Ice Age.

The museum will be showcasing a number of sculptures, ceramics and portraits that date back to the Ice Age – more than 20,000 years ago – to highlight the creative skill of those who lived during the historic period.

Visitors staying in London 5 star hotels have from February 7th until May 26th to visit the show and discover more about the stunning pieces created.

Jill Cook, curator of the show, explained: “All art is the product of the remarkable structure and organisation of the modern brain. By looking at the oldest European sculptures and drawings we are looking at the deep history of how our brains began to store, transform and communicate ideas as visual images.

“The exhibition will show that we can recognize and appreciate these images. Even if their messages and intentions are lost to us the skill and artistry will still astonish the viewer.”

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a 23,000 year old mammoth ivory sculpture of an abstract figure that was discovered in Lespugue, France. The object was a major inspiration to Picasso and inspired a number of his pieces.

Entry to the show costs £10 and there are concession tickets available. Ideally placed for those enjoying London getaways, the British Museum is one of the capital’s most popular attractions and is close to a number of London Underground stations, including Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, Russell Square and Goodge Street.

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