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Shopping for the kids in London

Travelling with the kids can be both fun and challenging.

Voyaging over vast distances can really take it out of them, never mind yourself. Keeping them entertained is another thing entirely, you need to carefully pick activities that will be both stimulating and interesting for your little one's. London is a perfect destination for this and has a host of family-friendly attractions for you to visit.

Take a ride of the London Eye to get a great view over the city, while also giving them the excitement of going on a Ferris wheel, or head to London Zoo in Regent's Park, a guaranteed great day out. Maybe after a long day of walking around the street of the English capital, the kids deserve a little treat?

London has a wide range of children's clothes shops to suit all kinds of budgets. As they get a little bit tired, maybe a gift will perk them up so you can pick a new outfit from one of the various outlets across the city. So where should you head if you are looking for some children's fashion boutiques?

Here are our suggestions of the best retailers the London has to offer.

Igloo – St John's Wood High Street, Islington

Set in the north London area of Islington, Igloo is a quaint little boutique full of clothes, toys and accessories for your little ones. The shop specialises in inventive educational ideas such as ant and worm farms and even telescopes, although this might not be so practical if you are on a short break in the capital.

If you want your child to look their best then Igloo has you covered with a host of top designer names in the world of kids fashion. For girls you can pick from garments made by the likes of Paul Smith, Elizabeth Hurley or UGG while for the boys there is Barts, Finger In The Nose and Ver de Terre.

Igloo has other locations in Wimbledon and Chelsea.

Harrods – Brompton Road, Knightsbridge

Arguably the most famous department store in the world, Harrods has an extensive childrenswear range. This iconic shop, founded by Charles Henry Harrod in 1849, is a London institution and what better way to treat the kids by taking them this sprawling retail space and purchasing a garment or two?

From baby clothing to shirt and t-shirts for teens, here you will find all the very best names in fashion. Brands such as Armani, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana all have their products stocked within the famous walls of Harrods. The best thing about this store when with children is that the huge toy section will keep them entertained.

The best thing about Harrods is that you can spend the entire day there simply wandering around and admiring the decor and sheer decadence of it all. If you are really feeling flush, combine the visit with a spot of dinner in the department store's many restaurants.

Oh Baby London – Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets

The east end should already be high up on the list of places to visit when you come to London. It gives you a feel of real life in the city and has a certain level of gritty charm often not seen in the majority of tourist attractions. If you are travelling with a newborn, you can commemorate your visit with a gift.

Oh Baby London is the perfect outlet if you wanting a present for your latest arrival. The company has a range of babygros with various witty slogans and is something a bit different than the traditional clothing offered by many High Street stores. Those on a budget can pick up a bib, towel and toy gift set for just £30.

Whatever gift you purchase will always be something to look back on reminisce about your time in London in years to come.

Trotters – various locations across London

Trotters is a well-known children's store across London. With stores in Kensington, Clapham, Turnham Green, Guildford and at the Westfield centre there are plenty of places to get your child a nice gift from. Catering for girls, boys and babies there is something for whatever you are looking for.

Unlike the more expensive end of the childrenswear spectrum, with the likes of Harrods catering in the designer brand names, Trotters is much more affordable and you can pick up a few items without breaking the bank. It has everything from formal shirts to casual t-shirts and skirts while also having a ballet section.

If you are looking for something more than just clothing then Trotters has you covered with various toys, books and other gifts. You can also kit you children out for going back to school, although this could put a bit of a dampener on the holiday vibe!

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Connecting London: the 5 oldest railway stations

Walking its streets, you cannot fail but to be charmed by London's historic aesthetic. Years of legends and tales simply ooze out of the capital's buildings, and nothing more highlights this than the city's railway stations. Having connected the region for centuries, these places are more than just transport hubs, but act as cornerstones to the different faces and uses London has had over the years. Here are five of the oldest stations in the city and are, essentially, attractions in their own right.

Deptford Station

Located in the borough of Lewisham, this station was opened in 1836, making it arguable the oldest railway station in London. It was established once the London and Greenwich Railway launched its first section between Deptford and Spa Road, and over the next few years, the line would be extended to London Bridge and Greenwich.

The station actually shut down between 1915 and 1926, and the original building was demolished, only to then be replaced with what can be seen today. Now you can get trains from here to London Cannon Street, Dartford and Sidcup, while additional services also go to Charing Cross.

From The Montcalm, you should walk to the corner of Hyde Park and then along Oxford Street to Bond Street Station (it should be a 10-15 min walk). From here, get the Jubilee line to London Bridge and then get the southeastern heading to Dartford – Deptford is the next stop.

Greenwich Station

Situated around 400 m from the town centre, this station is in zones two and three, and it serves as a connection point between Central London and Dartford. While Cutty Sark is closer to the major tourist attractions, it is actually the nearest National Rail station to Greenwich centre, and it is this line that is one of the oldest in the city.

Designed by George Landmann, the line had opened in 1836, but the station was constructed in 1840. Over the next few decades, the line was extended eastwards towards Maze Hill and it's next big update would not be until 1999 when the Docklands Light Railway was introduced. The Dartford line now goes towards the likes of the National Maritime Museum and the Isle of Dogs, while typical services also link up the station with London Cannon Street, Charing Cross, Dartford and Sidcup.

To get here, walk to the corner of Hyde Park and then along Oxford Street to Bond Street Station (it should be a 10-15 min walk – or get on the Central line). From here, get the Jubilee line to London Bridge and then get the southeastern heading to Barnehurst – Greenwich is two stops away.

London Bridge

This huge terminus spans two levels and is actually the oldest station in London's zone one. Boasting nine terminal platforms and six through-platforms, loads of connections go to the likes of Charing Cross, Blackfriars and Cannon Street. Handling over 54 million customers annually, it is both the fourth busiest station in London and the UK, which is hardly a surprise when considering that it also links up East Sussex and Kent, and the Northern and Jubilee underground lines pass through it. This and Waterloo are the two main termini south of the Thames.

Opened in December 1836, it is actually the first and oldest railway terminal in London, and since then there has been various changes of ownership and rebuilding schemes.

From the Montcalm, walk to Marble Arch station and get onto the Central line to Bond Street. Then jump onto the Jubilee line all the way to London Bridge – it is a 20-minute journey altogether.


This behemoth of a station is the sixth busiest in the UK and it connects London with the West Midlands, the north-west, north Wales and even as far as Scotland. If you are travelling to or from Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow, you'll be passing through here. Close to King's Cross and walkable to all the major central attractions, this is one busy hub.

Euston was actually the first intercity station in London, and it opened in 1837 on what was mostly farmland at the outskirts of the expanding city. The station was named after Euston Hall in Suffolk, the home of the main landowners, and after various injunctions by local farmers, a bill was passed to allow its construction. After various ownerships, the building was demolished around 50 years ago and was replaced with the now-modern look.

To get there, get on the Central line from Marble Arch, and change to the Victoria line at Oxford Circus – this should take you straight to Euston.

Harrow & Wealdstone

Served by Underground, London Midland, Overground and Southern, this station is located between both Wealdstone and Harrow and was opened in July 1837. Both areas were just small settlements at the time.

Probably what the station is most known for is its tragic train crash in 1952, which killed 112 people and 340 were injured – it was the worst train crash in British history. You can now see a memorial plaque above the main entrance on the eastern side.

To get there, it's a 40-minute journey – get on the Central line from Marble Arch and get off at Shepherd's Bush. From here, get on a Southern train to the station.

Whether you are looking at any of these stations, all of which are some of the oldest in the world, or are checking out some of the city's most iconic attractions, such as Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament or the London Eye, be sure to book yourselves into the comfortable and affordable Montcalm hotels. Luxury, space and a low price tag – what more could you really ask for?

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Spoil your mother rotten on Mother’s Day in London

March 15th will once again mark that one day in the year when we show all of our mothers how much we appreciate them – so why not take yours on a day she will never forget in the capital city.

After a lazy lie-in take your mum out for lunch at one of the many fantastic restaurants that the city has to offer. Whether it is a traditional pub or a Michelin-starred eatery, you will be able to find the place that your mum will appreciate the most – do note however that it is a busy day for restaurants so you will need to book a table in advance.

Across the afternoon, you have the options of relaxing in a London spa, filling yourselves up more with afternoon tea at The Ritz, or merely enjoying all the iconic attractions that London has to offer, such as Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and the Shard.

As the sun begins to set, head over to the world-famous West End, where you will be able to catch a show. Do you want to tap your toes with Billy Elliot? Laugh so much you could cry at The Book of Mormon? Or see what everyone's raving on about with Wicked? Remember that not all productions will have Sunday shows, and weekend tickets are often in hot demand, so do your research and purchase your seats well in advance.

Other places to consider include the floral Kew Gardens that will be in full bloom at this time of year, Oxford Street for some indulgent shopping, or the charming cobblestone alleyways of Covent Garden. All of these places are easily accessible from the spacious and affordable Montcalm hotels.

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Take a trip to Treasure Island this winter

As the winter blues continue to dominate us all, it's often best to get out of the wind, rain and snow, and one of the best activities to keep the kids amused and entertained is taking them to the theatre – and one show currently on that is sure to captivate them is Treasure Island.

Running at the National Theatre until April 8th, the production is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's famous epic tale of mutiny, murder and money. Taking place on the world-famous Olivier stage, this new show has been written by Bryony Lavery and directed by Polly Findlay making this a must-see.

So what's the story? On a dark and stormy out, the innkeeper's granddaughter Jim opens the door to a frightening old sailor who has brought with him a sea chest of treasures. It is only when Jim chooses to invite him in that her crazy and dangerous adventure begins. What comes after are pirates, parrots, secrets and death – but fear not, the show is suitable for all kids aged over ten. Prices range between £15 and £50 depending on where you choose to sit.

If you are holidaying with the kids, you may want to make a proper trip of it and incorporate some other indoor attractions that London is so famous for. These include the British Museum, Natural History Museum and the National Portrait Gallery, all of which are completely free and keep the little ones amused and educated. There is also the scary London Dungeon if you dare or the iconic St Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to stay in the Montcalm hotels – they are spacious, comfortable and, most importantly, affordable.

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London’s architectural gems

If there is one thing that London does exceptionally well, it is to offer some of the most wonderful pieces of architecture you will ever see. Here, we have highlighted some of the best for you to visit during your stay in the capital.

Banqueting House

The Banqueting House in Whitehall is famous not only for being the place in which Charles I was executed, but also for The Rubens’ Ceiling, which is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece. It was painted by Sir Peter Paul Rubens and is made up of four canvasses depicting The Union of Crowns, The Apotheosis of James I and The Peaceful Reign of James I. Having been installed in 1636, it is actually the only surviving ceiling painting by Sir Rubens which still stands in its rightful place today.

Ceiling of the Foreign Office

Located on King Charles Street, the main Foreign Office building was built by George Gilbert Scott in partnership with Matthew Digby Wyatt and one of the most impressive features of it is the ornate ceiling above the Foreign Office’s State Stair.

The gold and green colours are reminiscent of the Renaissance artwork and it is an extremely impressive sight to behold.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is undeniably impressive from the outside, with its unmissable white dome, which is reminiscent of that of St Peter’s Basilica, and the column and towers that feature on its west side.

The interior of St Paul’s Cathedral is even more impressive, however, and should you have the chance to do so, it is highly recommended that you go and have a look for yourself. Similar to its exterior, the dome is the most impressive part inside too and stands at 214 feet tall. It was painted by Sir James Thornhill in the 18th century after he won a competition to paint it. The decor depicts eight stories from the life of St Paul and what is so amazing about this piece of art is the fact that Sir Thornhill completed it within two years and actually painted it while stood 50 metres above the ground!

30 St Mary Axe

Best known as the Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe is a wonderful and modern piece of architecture which really symbolises London’s financial district. At 180 metres tall it is in fact the second tallest building in the City of London and the sixth tallest building in London. Opened in 2004, its glass exterior which is, well, gherkin shaped, is unmissable and certainly unique.

During your trip to London, why not consider staying at the Montcalm London Marble Arch?

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Things to do near Marble Arch in 2015

With the new year approaching us, it is time to think about what we wish to experience and achieve over the next 12 months. If a trip to London is on the cards, then we highly suggest staying close to Marble Arch and seeing what this side of the city has to offer.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is located minutes away from Marble Arch and one of the most important spots in the city, Speakers’ Corner, can be found very close to the tube station. Here, many important figures have stood and practiced their freedom of speech, from Karl Marx to George Orwell.

There are many activities which take place in Marble Arch. In the summer you can swim in the Serpentine Lake if you feel like doing so, and there is also horse riding and boating available for those who fancy getting a little bit active.

Hyde Park is also known for its many memorials, including the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial, which is a very peaceful and beautiful fountain. There is also a very impressive statue of Achilles which is 18 foot high and was built to honour Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington.

At Christmas Hyde Park becomes the setting for the world famous Winter Wonderland, which is an absolute must-see. There is so much to see and do at Winter Wonderland, from ice skating to hopping on a thrilling ride and exploring the Magical Ice Kingdom which is filled with icy wonder. The Christmas Market here is also out of this world and the perfect place to head to for a unique Christmas gift and a delicious mince pie.

The London Beatles Walking Tour

Bring back the days of Beatlemania with the London Beatles Walking Tour, which departs from the Marble Arch area.

This is the perfect day out for Beatles fans young and old and a really unique and fun way to see different parts of the city. Tour highlights include Abbey Road where you can reenact the famous album cover and Apple Studio, as well as some of the locations from Hard Day’s Night.

Learn facts that you never knew about John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Paul McCartney, while joining in with a sing along with your tour guide. The tour does include some public transport, but you will be predominantly walking.

Shop until you drop

Marble Arch is conveniently located at the top of Oxford Street, one of the most famous shopping areas in the whole of London. There are so many high street shops that run along the street, including BHS, Coast, French Connection, Footlocker, The Disney Store, Forever 21 and more, making it the perfect destination for those who are hoping to pick up a few new purchases.

One of the best departments stores in the world, Selfridges, can also be found on Oxford Street, and is actually less than a ten minute walk from Marble Arch! Here, in the famous establishment, you can find whatever it is your heart desires – from beautiful jewellery to designer shoes and handbags, as well as perfume, electricals and more. The Foodhall is also an absolute must for foodies to experience and the selection of chocolates, wines, champagnes and teas, to name but a few, are outstanding.

The Wallace Collection

Head over to the Wallace Collection at Hertford House to take a look at what the 25 galleries within it have to offer. A truly breathtaking experience, the museum is best known for its wonderful collections of armour, paintings, furniture and porcelain, of which much of it dates back to 18th century France.

You can spend half an hour here or over two hours and you will still feel as though there was so much more to see. The intricate details on a lot of the pieces are simply exquisite and unique, and the refurbished State Rooms are a sight to behold.

There is plenty of entertainment for families to enjoy as well as some audio guides and interactive tours for those who wish to learn a bit more about what the collection holds. The Wallace Collection also sees a number of visiting collections each year, so it is worth having a look online beforehand to see if there is anything special happening during your visit.

Of course, with any great gallery or museum comes a fabulous gift shop, and there aren’t many that are as fashionable as the one you will find here! Take home a beautiful piece of jewelerry or some intricately designed plates to add to your home.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is less than a twenty minute walk away from Marble Arch and is a very, very fun place to head to, especially if you love a bit of celebrity spotting! There is a plethora of celebrity waxworks here, many of which you can pose with to have your picture taken – one of the most recent additions is Benedict Cumberbatch, who is already proving to be very popular!

There is a Marvel Superheros section which features Spider-Man, The Hulk and Captain America, to name but a few, as well as a collection dedicated to political figures, including Barack Obama and David Cameron.

Here, you can also get up close and personal with some of the biggest A-Listers on the planet, including Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig (who is suited up in James Bond attire), Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp.

The Royal Family, including The Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Royals from the past, make a special appearance.

Spa at the Montcalm

There really is nothing as relaxing as a trip to a spa and the one at the Montcalm is second to none, especially if you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the London streets. Facilities include a sauna, steam room, monsoon shower, heated loungers and an exercise pool.  

If you have the time, why not get a treatment? There are so many to choose from, including a chocolate body wrap, a plethora of facials, body scrubs, massages, waxing, manicure and pedicures, as well as a number of treatments aimed towards men.

Should you decide to stay at the Montcalm London Marble Arch and book a Club Room or one of the stylish suites, as a guest you are actually invited to enjoy a complimentary wellness treatment.

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London’s most iconic bar

Following a long day of scouring the shops on Bond Street and taking in the wonderful sights of London, there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a refreshing cocktail, and if there is anything that London does well, it is a cocktail bar.

Here are some of the greatest bars to visit while in London.

The Champagne Bar at the Montcalm

At the top of Park Lane lies The Montcalm London Marble Arch, a wonderful hotel whose contemporary design and decor is second to none. Aside from being one of the most exclusive hotels in the capital, The Montcalm is also home to the fabulous Champagne Bar.

The Champagne Bar can be found next to the hotel’s stunning main reception. Classy, sophisticated, elegant and seductive, a visit with a partner or friends is an absolute must.

Whatever your choice of tipple is, you will find it here as The Champagne Bar offers a delicious selection of Champagnes, wines and spirits. For anyone who loves a great whisky, sampling the large selection on offer will undoubtedly be an experience not to forget.

If it is a tasty cocktail that you are looking for, then you have come to the right place as the cocktail list is well known throughout the capital for its fantastic offerings, mixing a number of old favourites with some contemporary creations. What’s more, if you can’t find the cocktail of your choice, Adrian, The Champagne Bar’s resident mixologist, is more than happy to make whatever it is that your heart desires – a truly unique experience!

There is also a small range of scrumptious bar food and snacks available to accompany your chosen beverage.

Claridge’s Bar

For a bar with an Art Deco feel, head over to the Claridge’s bar. Situated in the upmarket Mayfair area, the 1920s-esque bar was designed by David Collins and is the place to be if you fancy sampling some vintage Champagne.

Claridge’s Bar offers a wonderful selection of liquors and wines too, as well as some expertly created cocktails. Sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.

69 Colebridge Row

If you happen to be in Islington, make sure to pop by 63 Colebridge Row for a drink. While it may look a bit dark from the outside, this only adds to the ambiance of the establishment, which is very cosy and offers a 1950s feel.

The bartenders wear white lab coats while creating their cocktails and the menu truly reflects the talent of the mixologists who use molecular equipment to master their craft.

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How Oxford Street would look if motorists were banned

This time of year is exceptionally busy for nearly every retail outlet, as shoppers pore in to search for the perfect gift to give to their nearest and dearest. It’s at times such as these that retail stores take the … Continue reading

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Must see places near the Lake District

If you’re making a trip to the Lake District, you’re in for a real treat. Stunning scenery, tranquil lakes and plenty of beautiful mountains make for an amazing time appreciating nature and all of its hidden treasures. If you are … Continue reading

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Statues of British royalty in London

Some of the most well known statues and monuments in London commemorating the best known past members of the British Monarchy.

When visiting the capital it is almost a rite of passage to go and find some of these royal statues, although it is pretty easy to do so as there are many which can be found almost anywhere you go!

Here we have five of the best royal statues that you must see during your time in London.

Queen Victoria Memorial

When visiting London for a break, the chances are that at some point you will want to head over to Buckingham Palace, after all it is where the Queen lives! While we can’t promise that you will get to see the head of the British Monarchy, we can guarantee that you will be able to spot the breathtaking Queen Victoria Memorial.

Situated outside the Palace, the memorial is also referred to as ‘the wedding cake’ because of its tiered shape and features Queen Victoria sitting on her throne. Made from 2,300 tonnes of white marble, it stands at 25-metres high, making it impossible to miss.

Prince Albert Memorial

It seems fitting to next suggest a visit to pay homage to Queen Victoria’s beloved husband, Prince Albert, whose breathtaking memorial is situated in front of the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington Gardens.

It was designed by George Gilbert Scott and stands at 53-metres high, celebrating Prince Alberts interests as well as the various Victorian achievements, including engineering, manufacturing and commerce. At the base of the memorial, a frieze highlights Prince Albert’s love for the arts, which makes its location across from the Royal Albert Hall even more poignant.

King Charles I Statue

When visiting Trafalgar Square, you will be treated to a number of breathtaking monuments, including one of King Charles I riding a horse. It is the oldest statue in Trafalgar Square having been produced almost 400 years ago in 1638 by Hubert Le Sueur.

This particular statue has a very interesting history as it was actually hidden throughout the Civil War and was then re-erected on the exact spot of the original Queen Eleanor's Cross. Nowadays, it is the spot from which mileage across London is measured.

King George VI

Located on the north side of The Mall between Marlborough Road and Admiralty Arch is a memorial to King George VI. It depicts the King dressed in a naval uniform and was created by William McMillan in 1955.

The bronze statue stands upon a plinth of Portland stone and is situated on a step behind another bronze monument of Queen Elizabeth I.

King George IV

We take you back to Trafalgar Square where a very big statue of King George IV riding bareback on a horse can be found on one of the Square’s four plinths. However, the statue wasn’t actually meant to be erected in this area of London, it was supposed to go on top of an arch in front of Buckingham Palace. Following his death, however, it was placed on the plinth and while it was meant to be temporary, it has remained there since.

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Military museums in London

London is filled with history, there is no doubt about this. Just a stroll down by the Thames and you are in the midst of Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. 

One particular area of interest within British history lies within the military and a day can be easily spent within the city’s great museums learning and paying homage to this.

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum offers a thoroughly interesting and moving insight into the struggles and experiences that those affected by war have had, from the First World War right up to conflict in 2014.

Visit the First World War Galleries to better understand what life was life in the trenches as well, as for the women and children back at home who waited patiently for news of their loved ones while keeping the hospitals and factories running. The museum has a large collection of personal letters available in their archives from soldiers and their friends and families, which is a very touching and humble experience.

The Holocaust Exhibition is another one which is well worth visiting, although it is not recommended for children under the age of 14 as some of the materials and stories within it are very sensitive. Looking back between 1933 and 1945, it looks at the rize of the Nazi party and the persecution of the Jewish people living in Europe at this time. 

For something a little more suited to younger children, Horrible Histories Spies will be at the museum until early 2015. Based on the famous book from Terry Deary’s bestselling Horrible Histories series, you can go on your own super secret spy mission, following trails and going undercover in a fun adventure.

War Story: Afghanistan 2014 offers an insight into the stories of those who live in the country and their experiences, from the British troops to people of the Afghan National Security Forces, UK government and NGO workers. This exhibition is an absolute must and will be at the museum until September 2015.

There are a wide variety of permanent and visiting exhibitions to see at the Imperial War Museum, so make sure to check ahead of your visit so that you can plan exactly what you want to see. 

The Imperial War Museum is a short walk from Lambeth North underground station, which is easily reached from the Montcalm London Marble Arch. Simply take the Central line to Oxford Circus before changing to the Bakerloo line, which will take you directly to Lambeth North. 

The Guards Museum

When you think of London, a very typical image which seems to pop up is that of the Queen’s guards, in their distinguishing red coats and black bearskin caps. The Guards Museum in Westminster is the most perfect place to visit to learn about the history of the country’s military and, of course, the Foot Guards. 

The museum concentrates on the five regiments of the Household Division – Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards – offering a plethora of information plus a number of fascinating artefacts.

Making The Guards Museum even more interesting is the fact that it wasn’t actually intended to be viewed by the public. In fact, it was originally intended to be an educational aid for new Guardsmen to learn about the heritage and understand their obligations better, as well as the ceremonial duties they must partake in. Because of this, you really do feel like you are fully immersed in experiencing the full culture of the Foot Guards, making it the perfect spot for anyone interested in military history and life. 

The Guards Museum is situated within walking distance from St James Park. To get here from the Montcalm London Marble Arch, take the Central line to Bond Street and switch to the District line where you can get to St James Park within minutes. 

Firepower: The Royal Artillery Museum

Continue your day of military museums with a trip to Firepower: The Royal Artillery Museum, where you will be amazed by the guns and technology which have served the country with the Royal Artillery. 

Set in the Royal Arsenal, the museum offers the history of the Gunners and the equipment they have used throughout history. There are a number of artillery on display to see while you learn how they have evolved throughout time and how they have affected peoples’ lives. 

The In Their Own Words exhibition is a definite must while visiting, bringing to life the First World War and the ways in which weapons were used, as well as the lives of those in the Artillery, told through their diary entries, photographs and letters which were sent back home. 

A definite must-see for your trip to London, Firepower: The Royal Artillery Museum is one of the greatest museums in the city. 

To get to Firepower: The Royal Artillery Museum from the Montcalm Marble Arch, take the Central line to Bond Street before changing on to the Jubilee line until you get to North Greenwich. From here, catch either the number 53, 54, 472, 422, 161 or 96 bus to the museum.

Royal Armouries – Tower Of London

The Tower of London is one of the greatest historical sites to head to in London. Not only is it where the Crown Jewels are held, but the fascinating Royal Armouries are also certainly worth visiting.

It is free to visit the Royal Armouries in the White Tower, although you do need to pay to enter the Tower of London. However, we highly recommend that you do include this in your military museum day out as the Royal Armouries actually dates back to the working armoury of the medieval kings who ruled from within the castle. 

Learn how the Office of Armoury was created in the 15th century ,while marvelling at the armour and weapons, such as arrows, handguns and cannons that have been used throughout history and up to the present day. 

The 300 year old Line of Kings exhibit can be found here too, in which figures of armoured kings are displayed on top of wooden horses, which makes for a stellar experience.

If you are planning to visit the Royal Armouries from the Montcalm London Marble Arch, simply hop on the underground’s Central line to Liverpool Street, then swap over to the Circle line towards Tower Hill. From there it is only a very short walk to the Tower of London. 

Why not make your trip even more special with a stay at one of the luxury hotels in London.

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Royal London Attractions

A trip to London is simply not complete unless you have experienced a regal day out visiting the capital’s greatest royal attractions. Follow in the footsteps of the monarchy and delve into a part of the country’s history which many travel far and wide to experience.

If you are a little unsure where to begin your regal day out, we have some information about the best royal attractions that are (literally) fit for a king.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is still a working Royal residence and is currently home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their son, prince George, as well as their loveable dog Lupo.

Although we can’t guarantee that you will bump into either William or Kate, we can be sure that you will have a wonderful time visiting the Palace, which has been the home to many members of the Royal Family since the 17th century.

Make sure to explore the Queen’s State Apartments, which were made for Queen Mary II and have been well preserved for the public to see. You must ensure that you head to the Queen’s Closet as well as the Queen’s Dining Room in which Queen Mary II and her husband, King William III would dine on fish and beer in the 17th century.

After taking to the Queen’s Gallery, which is filled with a wonderful collection of royal treasures, marvel at the difference between the Queen’s Staircase and the King’s, which lead down to the Palace’s beautiful gardens. The King’s Staircase was painted by William Kent and depicts a recreation of George I’s court, filled with a number of interesting characters. See if you can spot William Kent himself- he can be found on the ceiling holding an artist’s palette.

The Palace Gardens are well worth visiting, especially on a pleasant day as the tranquillity and beauty of them are incredibly relaxing and have undoubtedly been used as a place for royalty to get away from the stresses of palace life.

The Sunken Garden was planted in 1908 and is modelled on a garden at Hampton Court Palace, with a number of vibrant and exotic plants offering a unique experience. Wander around the Cradle Walk from which you have excellent views of the Sunken Garden, before heading to the Formal Gardens which were developed by Queen Caroline.

Kensington Palace also hosts a number of fun exhibitions, such as Fashion Rules and Victoria Revealed, which are worth experiencing if you have the time.

Getting to Kensington Palace from The Montcalm London Marble Arch is rather easy – just take the underground on the Central line from Marble Arch to Queensway, from which it is a short walk to the Palace.

The Household Cavalry Museum

Pay tribute to the wonderful soldiers who fought for the country on horseback at The Household Cavalry Museum, which can be found in the heart of Horse Guards in Whitehall.

Find out the history of The Household Cavalry, from the original 18th century stables to the first hand accounts of the tiring and rigorous training that the troopers have to go through. The building is actually a living museum and acts as the headquarters of the Household Division, in which people still work on a daily basis, which is quite an achievement to say that it is one of the city’s oldest buildings, having dated back from 1750.

The collection of rare and unique artefacts, which include ceremonial uniforms, musical instruments and silverware is absolutely phenomenal and a must-see.

Visiting The Household Cavalry Museum, you cannot help but to be very aware that you are in the presence of a very important and traditional part of the Royal Family, as for over 350 years, the daily ceremony of the Queen’s Life Guard is performed there and the Cavalry still guard The Queen throughout various occasions to this day.

To get to The Household Cavalry Museum from The Montcalm London Marble Arch, simply take the Central line to Oxford Circus before changing to the Bakerloo line to Embankment, from which it is only a short walk.

Hampton Court Palace

A regal trip to London is not complete until you have been to Hampton Court Palace, which happened to be one of the favourite royal residences of the most well known Tudor himself, Henry VIII.

With this in mind, it is only fitting that you discover some of Hampton Court Palace’s Tudor furnishings, of which we are sure King Henry VIII was a fan of its kitchens. In fact, these were the largest kitchens of Tudor England, and were designed to feed at least 600 people (including the Royal Family and Henry’s court) twice a day.

Take the time to explore Henry’s State Rooms, which include the breathtaking Great Hall, Horn Room, Great Watching Chamber and the Haunted Gallery, where you can trace the steps that his many ex-wives will have taken. You can even experience some parts of the palace that were so private and hidden that King Henry VIII’s guests were not allowed to enter them.

There is even a re-creation of King Henry VIII’s crown on display, while daily costumed tours and talks take place for all to experience and enjoy.

When visiting Hampton Court Palace, it is almost compulsory that you try out the famous maze in its wonderful gardens. The maze, which is the UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze, was designed by George London and commissioned in the 18th century. Depending on how skilled you are when it comes to escaping mazes, you may need to add on a little extra time to your visit as it covers a third of an acre.

As Hampton Court Palace is a little further out of central London, it is advised that you catch a train there from Waterloo, which takes approximately 35 minutes. To get to Waterloo from The Montcalm London Marble Arch, hop on the Central line to Oxford Circus before catching the Bakerloo line to Waterloo.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is perhaps the most well-known royal residence in the country and is Queen Elizabeth’s official London home in the borough of Westminster. Originally built in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham, it has been the royal home since 1837 and is also the administrative headquarters of the Monarch.

Although Buckingham Palace is still used for official events which are held by The Queen, its 19 State Rooms, ballroom and gardens open to visitors every year during the summer while The Queen is in Balmoral.

Between December and February, exclusive guided tours are available in which an expert guide takes you through the State Rooms, offering a wealth of information and showing you the famous Royal Collection, before ending the tour with a delightful glass of champagne in the Grand Entrance.

The Queen’s Gallery is well worth a visit while at Buckingham Palace and here you will be able to see some of the most exquisite pieces of art and interesting photographs from the Royal Collection.

Even if you are short on time or visiting while the Palace is closed to the public, make sure that you plan to at least see Buckingham Palace during your royal visit to London, and if possible get there for 11.30GMT to watch the Changing the Guard in the forecourt. This takes place every day in the summer, and every other day in the winter.

Buckingham Palace is only a 30 minute walk from The Montcalm London Marble Arch and the views of Hyde Park that you can take in are well worth the journey if you are heading to Buckingham Palace from the popular 5 star hotel London.

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