Catlin exhibition coming to London

A brand new exhibition detailing the extensive works of George Catlin is set to open up at the National Portrait Gallery next month.

The portraits will focus on Catlin’s pieces from the 1830s as he made five trips to western United States to document the Native American peoples and they way they lived their lives.

This works seeks to reposition this remarkable artist for a contemporary audience, who may not necessarily be as knowledgeable about his work.

He was an artist and writer whose portraits of Native Americans are among the most important historical documentations of indigenous peoples that have ever been made.

The majority of the resulting portraits have been housed in the Smithsonian Institution in the US.

Indeed, this exhibition – entitled George Catlin: American Indian Portraits – will be the first major display of the works in Europe since Catlin’s tour of the world with his images.

The exhibition runs from March 6th to June 23rd and a book has been published to accompany it, which has been written by associate Professor of Art History at the University of Plymouth Stephanie Pratt and founding director of the Petrie Institute of Western American Art at the Denver Art Museum Joan Carpenter Troccoli.

This will provide a narrative for visitors of the exhibition. In addition to tracing his stylistic development, the book includes an examination of the creation and reception of the Indian Gallery.

In total book will cost people £25, while the display it self is absolutely free, meaning it could be the perfect way to a weekend spent in one of the many luxury hotels in London.

Luckily for visitors of the city, the gallery is within easy walking distance of many Tube stops, meaning travelling there shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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