Crystal Fighters

Formed in 2007 in Navarra, Spain, Crystal Fighters are a British/Spanish Alternative Dance band and their debut album, ‘Star of Love’ was released in 2010 in the UK but in the US it was only released in April 2012 through Atlantic Records. It is expected that their sophomore album entitled ‘Cave Rave’ will be released on 27 May 2013.

In October 2010, Crystal fighters performed “Champion Sound” and “Xtatic Truth” on Later With Jools Holland and they appeared on Channel 4’s Abbey Road debuts, a new music programme from the producers of Live from Abbey Road which started in April 2011. Two of their songs have featured in hit TV series Skins. These songs are from Star of Love album. “Xtatic Truth” featured in Episode 7, Series 4 during the party scene and “With You” in Episode 3 of Series 5 when Mini sees Nock sleeping next to Liv. ‘I Do This Everyday’ was featured in the Skins advert in February 2011. The Delta Heavy remix of “I Love London” was featured on the soundtrack to the film Harry Brown.

Music Festival
The band has released videos for singles “Xtatic Truth”, “I Love London”, “At Home”, “Follow/Swallow”, “In The Summer”, “Plage” and “Champion Sound” and in September 2011, they unveiled a series of acoustic versions of the album’s tracks, that were filmed and recorded in autumnal woodland. The band has also filmed sessions for the likes of Spotify, MySpace, All Saints Basement Sessions and Kick Kick Snare.

The band was featured on a small documentary ‘4Play: Crystal Fighters”, which aired 25 February 2011 on Channel 4. Matalan and Target used their track “Plage” on the 2011 television commercials and also in 2011, a part of their song “Follow” was used in the US Puma Shoes commercial “Pumagility”. Moreover, a part of their track “At Home” is being used in Portugal and Spain in a History Channel advert since the start of 2012. Their “At Home” was synched to Google Advert in April 2012 and their “Follow” was synched to Sony Xperia TV Advert in September 2012 and was also featured in the video game FIFA 13.

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