Crystal Palace International Film Festival

Film fans should make sure they book central London hotels as soon as possible so they do not miss out on the annual Crystal Palace International Film Festival.

The event involves a number of venues across the Crystal Palace area of the capital and focuses on showcasing work from independent film makers from around the world.

All of the films involved in the festival will be competing to win Best in Category or the important Best in Festival title.

The festival has been taking place since 1989 and attracts a number of movie makers involved with feature-length and short films. This year, the judging panel will include television personality Johnny Vegas, top animation director Quentin Miles and political comedian Mark Steel.

Admission to many of the events and screenings are free and the whole festival lasts ten days beginning on October 9th.

Meanwhile, further details of the forthcoming 56th BFI London film festival have been announced. The popular event beings on October 10th and has been revamped for 2012 to include a number of new awards including Best of the Festival and Best British Newcomer.

There will be a total of 14 premieres during the festival including the first European screening of Tim Burton’s latest animation movie Frankenweenie.

Clare Stewart, director of the festival, explained the new Burton film is a Clare Stewart explained Frankenweenie is “perfect”.

She added: “Funny, dark and whimsical, this gloriously crafted stop-motion 3D animation from Tim Burton playfully turns the Frankenstein story on its bolted-on head.

“Tim Burton has chosen London as his home city and hundreds of talented British craftspeople have contributed to this production.”

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