Deloitte Ignite Festival 2011 comes to London

The Deloitte Ignite Festival 2011 comes to the Royal Opera House this summer, offering visitors staying at 5 star hotels in London the chance to indulge in some of the best fine arts the capital has to offer.

Curated by internationally renowned director Mike Figgs, the contemporary arts festival takes place between September 2nd and September 4th.

The festival, which is sponsored by financial services company Deloitte, will feature a wide range of digital platforms, film screenings, dance performances, fashion, photography and intellectual discourse, with events certain to suit virtually every taste and artistic inclination.

Films on show include the 1977 drama Opening Night, which was written and directed by John Cassavetes.

Starring the director himself, alongside actors Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazzara, Opening Night follows the story of an actress who experiences turbulence in her life after a fan dies after trying to approach her.

Festival goers will be able to listen to various political opinions and engage in stimulating discussion, with participants expected to come from varying parts of society and artistic persuasions.

Director Mike Figgis commented: “When I was asked to curate Ignite it was clear to me that I should use the opportunity to share my own ideas with a wide group of contributors and try to create an environment where all the ideas could be aired under the loose heading of Just Tell The Truth.”

Mr Figgis will give a teaser before the festival at Paul Hamlyn Hall on September 2nd, sharing his own personal take on the concepts that will be explored during the festival.

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