Discerning Eye exhibit returns

Art-loving travellers booking luxury London hotels may be interested to know that the Discerning Eye 2011 gallery has opened its doors to the public until November 20th.

Putting the curator at the heart of its show, six renowned figures from the art world have created their own section of the display spanning the Mall Gallery.

The organisers can choose from 600 pieces of art by 300 artists spanning paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs.

According to the exhibitors, the six curators include two artists, two collectors and two critics, with each person’s choices treated like separate galleries.

“The exhibition provides an unusual opportunity for works by lesser-known artists to be hung alongside contributions from internationally recognised names,” explained the group.

This year’s curators includes the head of printmaking at the RA Schools, Eileen Cooper, the 2003 Hunting Art Prize-winner Lisa Wright, gallery manager John Deston, business executive and art sponsor John Pluthero, critic Brian Swell and visual arts editor of Time Out London Ossian Ward.

“The selectors are solely responsible for their own selection; selection is not by committee,” added the gallery.

“The only restrictions are limitation of size (only small works are permitted) and to select at least 25 per cent of their section from the open submission. All works must be for sale and the Discerning Eye’s commission helps to fund our activities.”

Discerning Eye is an educational charity that aims to encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of visual arts as well as promote debate about the place and purpose of art in society.

Those staying in central London hotels will no doubt be just a short distanc from the gallery, which is just a stone’s throw from The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

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