Discover 100 years of London’s musical heritage on Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street in London’s West End has long been synonymous with British popular music, having been a popular hangout and shopping destination for the biggest stars of 1960s rock music.

Today, people from all over the world flock to the iconic street – which can be reached from Oxford Circus tube station and also lies very close to Regent Street – as much for the designer shops as for the chance to follow in the footsteps of their musical icons.

Carnaby Street sign
To help visitors gain a greater insight into the area’s history, a brand new walking tour has today (September 5th) been launched, enabling people to discover the key sites and landmarks in and around Carnaby Street which has particular significance within the world of popular culture.

Running until October 20th, Carnaby Echoes will be celebrating ten decades of London’s musical heritage by placing a series of plaques on key buildings, with the project having been designed by artist Lucy Harrison.

By downloading an audio walking app, visitors can get a guided tour of the street and learn all about its history – beginning with the opening of Murray’s Jazz Club on Beak Street in 1913.

Among the famous voices helping to deliver the audio tour are those of Boy George, The Who guitarist Pete Townsend and British magician Dynamo.

The app can be downloaded for free from, the Apple App Store or Google Play, and will be complemented by an exhibition at 20 Foubert’s Place displaying archive material relating to many of the most important venues in the area.

Film screening will also be taking place daily to help people learn even more about Carnaby’s musical past, and two retro listening booths will be erected as well so that visitors can hear some of the songs that have a connection to this iconic part of central London.

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