Discover some of London’s most haunted buildings

With Halloween just around the corner there are a host of wonderful spooky events taking place throughout the capital this month, although if you’d rather go on your own ghost tour of London then there is no shortage of haunted places to discover.

Indeed, with London being such an old city it is hardly surprising that the metropolis has accumulated its fair share of ghosts, ghouls and spirits over the years, many of which can be seen in the most surprising of locations.

For example, Drury Lane Theatre Royal is said to be haunted by a spectre known only as the Man in Grey, who has apparently been seen wandering the upper circle by staff, performers and audience members alike.

London Buildings

With a performance venue having stood on the site for around 400 years, there’s been plenty of opportunity for sinister goings on at the theatre, and a clue to the Man in Grey’s identity was discovered in 1870 when a skeleton with a dagger in its ribcage was found behind a wall in the upper circle as renovation work took place.

Elsewhere, Charterhouse is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the Carthusian monks who inhabited it during the time of the reformation, at which point several of them were executed for refusing to acknowledge the authority of Henry VIII when he named himself head of the Church of England.

Thomas Howard, the 4th Duke of Norfolk, was also beheaded on the site after he was found to be involved in a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. It is said that his ghost can be seen walking up and down the main staircase, carrying its severed head under its arm.

Hampton Court Palace is also thought to be inhabited by a ghost, although the identity of the spectre remains unknown. A few years ago, staff at the palace were left scratching their heads after a sinister-looking figure kept appearing on the CCTV footage, before strangely disappearing out of shot.

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