Discover the Alien Revolution in London

Next month the Royal Observatory Greenwich will be exploring a subject that has been obsessed over for hundreds of years in a new exhibition entitled Alien Revolution.

It will take a look at the history of our relationship with extra-terrestrial life through science and culture.

From the writing of the 16th century astronomer Copernicus to modern day scientists still searching for life in far-off galaxies, this exhibition will examine the world’s fascination with alien life.

This will include the children’s classic E.T., the intrepid Mars Curiosity rover on its solitary interplanetary mission and the American couple Betty and Barney Hill, who were some of the first people to claim they had been abducted by aliens in 1961.

With both scientific and fantastical images on show, this exhibition really captures the imagination of people of all ages and helps to explore the fascination with other worlds.

From luminous paintings of funny-looking batmen and ethereal Moon maidens from the 19th century, to the violent depiction of invading Martians in stories of hostile aliens by HG Wells and the mysterious first appearances of complex crop circles in England during the 1970s, this exhibition has everything to stoke your imagination.

This is a completely free event, making it something you won’t want to miss out on when staying in one of the many central London hotels available for a weekend away.

It will be in situ from Friday (March 1st) to September 8th, so people have plenty of time to sort out arrangements in the city.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is a short walk away from both the Greenwich and Cutty Sark Tube stops, which means that getting to and from your accommodation in the city shouldn’t provide too many problems.

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