Discover the wonders of the Orient at the British Museum

The British Museum is arguably the greatest exhibition centre not just in London, but the entire world, with a host of amazing exhibitions held at the famous venue each year. Indeed, some of the rarest and most amazing artefacts recovered from archaeological digs all over the globe have gone on show here, bringing various periods of history to life, right in the heart of the capital.

Anyone planning a stay in a Montcalm London hotel later this year will therefore be keen to know what they can expect from the British Museum, and it’s safe to say that, as usual, they won’t be disappointed with what’s on.

British Museum
Beginning on September 19th, a brand new exhibit entitled Ming: 50 Years that Changed China is set to go on display, presenting some of the most amazing items created during the legendary Ming Dynasty.

From the beginning to the middle of the 15th century, China was ruled by the Ming family, which led the country through one of the most culturally productive periods in its history.

For instance, it was this ruling group that established Beijing as the capital and commissioned the building of some of the city’s most iconic and historic sites, including the amazing Forbidden City.

During this time, Chinese people were granted unlimited freedom to travel beyond the country’s limits, and as a result many of the nation’s top artists were able to learn techniques and pick up ideas from abroad, all of which added to the Chinese cultural melting pot.

The new exhibit at the British Museum will feature a huge number of incredible objects created during this period, with paintings, jewellery, textiles, furniture, porcelain and gold among the things that will be on show.

Many of these items have never been seen by the general public before, so if you’re looking for a truly unique experience on your next trip to London, this is one exhibit you really shouldn’t miss.

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