Eco Friendly Hotels Are On The Increase In London

With global warming and melting polar caps continuing to make headline news in the 21st century, people are starting to take much more care about what they eat, where they buy it form and how it can affect our environment. For the ultimate Eco warrior, being green goes even further as choosing accommodation will be affected by their concern for our current global condition.

London is one of the worlds most visited cities by people across the world, and as such the city hoteliers have stepped up to consider their impact on our environment. Living in a green hotel need not mean compromising on luxury and style either, as many large chain hotel groups including the exclusive Montcalm Hotel have taken note of the Eco-movement and made steps to improve their establishments green credentials.

Montcalm Hotel London

This five star hotel boasts state of the art technology and equipment designed to provide the ultimate customer experience whilst being super energy efficient to boot, with examples include motion detector lights so that lights are not continuously left on when not needed. The Montcalm works to reduce any detrimental environmental effects that it may have and consciously seek to conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and materials plus minimizing energy consumption where ever possible.

They even go to the extent of producing their own mineral water using the fabulous Vivarium bottling system which reduces glass bottle waste!

Many hotels in the city have been committed to being environmentally friendly for many years, implementing changes such as using energy efficient light bulbs, buying in fair trade produce, ensuring their premises are well insulated and working to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible. Some have even gone one step further by offering guests who drive environmentally friendly cars a significant discount on hotel parking. If the environment is important to you, then you should find it relatively easy to find an Eco-friendly hotel for your next stay in the city.

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