El Dorado exhibition to open at British Museum

The British Museum is without a doubt one of the world’s greatest exhibition centres, having garnered a well-deserved reputation for putting on truly jaw-dropping displays.

So if you’re on the hunt for a truly dazzling experience while visiting London then this is certainly the place to come, and when you hear what’s on next you’ll be keen to join the gold rush.

That’s because a brand new display entitled El Dorado: Power in Gold in Ancient Colombia is about to go on show, which aims to shed light on the famous lost city of South America, believed to be laden with gold.

British Museum
Featuring more than 300 artefacts, including gold masks and other spectacular ancient items, the collection is set to open on October 17th and will run until March 23rd next year.

Visitors to the British Museum will be able to learn that while El Dorado was for many years believed to be a place, it in fact refers to a ritual in which newly-elected leaders would dive into Lake Guatativita – which can be found near the present-day Colombian capital, Bogota – covered in pwedered gold.

The display has been arranged in collaboration with Bogota’s Meseo del Oro, which contains one of the biggest collections of pre-Hispanic gold in the world.

Located on Great Russell Street, the British Museum can be reached from a number of tube stations in central London including Holborn and Tottenham Court Road, and is within walking distance from Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and other major attractions.

Tickets to Beyond El Dorado will be available for £10 per person, and guests will also be able to look round the museum’s permanent free collections as well.

Anyone visiting London before the exhibition opens can catch the last few weeks of the present display, Pompeii and Herculaneum, which comes to an end on September 29th.

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