English wines promoted at new Borough Market shop

Wine lovers may soon be looking to book luxury suites in London to enjoy the offerings at the English-only produce shop the Wine Pantry.

The new site right next to the famous Borough Market boasts a comprehensive selection of English wines with expert advice on hand from the store owner Julia Stafford.

Additionally, patrons can enjoy the new by-the-glass dispenser that stores open bottles under argon gas to ensure freshness.

Visitors can try samples of wine before ordering that perfect bottle for table service indoors or outdoors.

The Wine Pantry also provides a selection of over 700 European cheeses, cured meats and other deli essentials.

“Why English? Because it’s good,” commented the store. “Surprisingly good and people shouldn’t be surprised at how good some of our produce is. They should be able to taste it, match it and enjoy it.”

Despite being one of London’s smallest shops it holds big ambitions to promote English wine, sourced directly from producers.

During the recent celebration of Bastille Day, the Wine Pantry issued a challenge to French wines, pitting the English Ridgeview Grosvenor 2007 against Veuve Cilcquot yellow label champagne.

Patrons were presented with two flutes and asked to identify where they though the wine from each glass was from. While 75 per cent of those tested guessed the origins correctly, the crowd was split 50/50 in terms of preference.

Ms Stafford described the English contender: “The well-balanced acidity, lemony sherbet and the softest tropical notes danced against well executed brioche notes. Overall, it was a glass of beautiful and uplifting freshness that more than one punter went starry-eyed over.”

Furthermore, visitors can indulge themselves at the nearby historic Borough Market, which dates back to 1014 and features over 130 individual stalls, selling fruit, vegetables, baked good and meats.

Borough Market and the Wine Pantry are easily accessible from the London Bridge underground station, which, via Bond Street, is a short journey from Marble Arch, the local station of The Montcalm Hotel.

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