Enjoy a magical week in London this November

London will become a place of wonder in November as a magic convention and international festival are set to be held in the capital.

Held between 16th and 18th November, the International Magic Convention will attract some of the biggest names in magic, along with rising stars, to the Mermaid Theatre in central London for three days of tricks and illusions.

The list of acts set to perform at the 41st convention, known affectionately as Ron’s Day after its founder Ron MacMillan, reads very much like a ‘who’s who’ of magic, with Juan Tamariz and Jeff McBride among the headline acts.

Tamariz will be lecturing and performing throughout the course of the convention, while he will also be presenting his One Man Show on the Saturday night at The Bridewell Theatre.

Meanwhile, McBride will also appear as a lecturer and a performer, with his range of tricks set to have those staying in Mayfair hotels London gasp in amazement.

Noel Britten, the talent co-ordinator for the convention and who is the regular annual host of the show, revealed that he has never been more excited at the line up for the show as he was this year

He said: “One of the acts is being kept secret. With him having never performed before in the UK, I want people to see his act live rather than on YouTube.

“All I can say is that if I won the lottery I’d employ him to perform his show daily – it is without doubt one of the most magical and hypnotising acts I’ve ever seen.”

In the run-up to the convention, there will be a number of events held as part of the London Magic Festival.

Held from 12th until 16th September at the Bridewell Theatre, the festival will be themed around a particular aspect of magic each day.

Tickets will be available for individual days, while discounts will be on offer to those who attend multiple days of the festival.

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