Enjoy A Midsummer Night’s Dream in London

Fans of Shakespeare staying in Montcalm hotels London may see his plays at many a theatre, but there can be nowhere where the experience is so authentic as at the Globe, now restored to exactly the state it was in back in the bard’s own lifetime.

Back then, crowds of Londoners would fill the yard and the seats behind it to enjoy the latest scripts produced by Stratford-on-Avon’s most famous son, one of which was A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Present day fans can do likewise between May 24th and October 12th, when the Athenian comedy will delight a modern audience as much as it did those who gathered in days of yore.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London
The tale is a delightfully twisted one of unrequited love that then turns into something more chaotic. It is hard enough when Hermia loves Lysander and  Helena loves Demetrius, particularly as Demetrius is lined up to marry Hermia. However, it gets yet more complicated when they all end up fleeing into the woods and find themselves becoming the wrong targets for the sprites fighting out a battle between the fairy king and queen.

And if the young lovers find the objects of their affections change dramatically, that is nothing to the fate awaiting poor old Bottom.

Tickets are available for £5 for those standing in the yard, while seats in the three horseshoe-shaped seated galleries cost between £15 and £39.

Start times vary, with some productions at 14:00 BST and others at 19:00, while there is a 23:59 BST showing on July 12th.

Fans enjoying stays in luxury hotels London can reach the venue easily, with the nearest Tube station being Mansion House on the District and Circle Lines.

From here, theatre goers can cross the Thames via the Millennium Bridge, with the South Bank end of it being just 50 metres from the Globe.

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