Enjoy a night at London’s newest club

Are you a bit of a clubbing enthusiast? If so, then you’ll find that there are few cities in the world that boast the same array of attractions as London.

The city is, of course, home to some top destinations, such as Fabric in Farringdon and the Ministry of Sound in Elephant and Castle. And these venues have been supplemented with the opening of a brand new club in Greenwich, known as Studio 338.

The new club is located near the Blackwall Tunnel and could soon become one of the must-visit destinations in the capital.

If you’re a fan of dance music, you cannot afford to miss out on the fun at Studio 338 on your next trip to the capital.

Dan Perrin, 338’s musical director, explained that it will feature “bands and artists that fanatical early-20s club kids would walk barefoot to Kent to go and see”.

Speaking to the Guardian, Paul Jack of LWE said that it is difficult for new clubs to start and make a success of themselves in the capital.

“It’s a lot harder to launch a venue now than it was years ago,” Mr Jack explained to the Guardian. “Getting people in there week in week out without the name or established years of reputation is quite difficult.”

The club opened its doors at the weekend and saw plenty of people spend an enjoyable Saturday night in London.

But what if you’re not a big fan of nightclubs? Well, rest assured that there are loads of great bars and restaurants in the city.

So regardless of whether you’re seeking to have a quiet drink or enjoy a heavy night out in the capital, you’re certain to find somewhere that will allow to have a memorable time.

Just choose the place that best suits you.

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