Enjoy a ‘summer spelltacular’ at the Warner Bros Studio Tour

The Warner Bros Studio Tour has announced that from later this month, it will be treating fans of Harry Potter to an extravagant ‘summer spelltacular’.

Summer Spells is a brand new exhibition that explores how the more fanciful elements of JK Rowling’s fantasy world – the charms, curses, jinxes and enchantments – were brought to life with movie magic across eight blockbusting movies.

Consisting of new exhibits, interactive installations and workshops, it should give Harry Potter buffs plenty of good reasons to plan a visit to this spellbinding London destination.

Harry Potter Tour
Filmgoers will remember that in their battle against Voldemort and his cohorts, Harry, Ron and Hermione fought no shortage of hair-raising duels. Summer Spells shows just how much care and attention went into making these sequences believable – whether in the form of cutting-edge special effects or demanding physical stunts and choreography.

Studio Tour staff members – well-versed in the magical arts – will be on hand to demonstrate how visitors can wield their wands like seasoned battle-mages. Meanwhile, a new interactive experience featuring choreographer Paul Harris should help them to get to grips with the requisite gestures and flourishes used to cast spells like Wingardium Leviosa.

Those fascinated by special effects should head towards Diagon Alley, where a presentation created by the series’ BAFTA-winning special effects supervisor John Richardson can be viewed.

Finally, attendees will be able to see some of the exquisite props that graced the silver screen, including Voldemort’s wand – a truly sinister weapon that appears to be fashioned from bone. According to curators, actor Ralph Fiennes requested that the wand look like “an evil finger pointing off into the distance” and it’s testament to the skills of designers that the finished result doesn’t disappoint.

The exhibition kicks off on July 26th and runs until September 2nd, so would-be attendees have plenty of time to plan a visit and book London 5 star hotels.

Getting to the Warner Bros Studio Tour from the city centre should prove fairly straightforward. Regular rail services run to Watford Junction, where frequent buses travel to and from the venue.

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