Enjoy autumn in London

London may be known as the Big Smoke but the truth is that the city is anything but urban – in fact, London contains more green space than any other capital in the world.

This makes it the perfect place to visit in autumn, as the site of the city’s more natural areas turning from verdant green to browns, oranges and reds is a real sight to behold.

There are many theories as to how London ended up with so much parkland within its boundaries, although the one that holds the most sway is that the city was deliberately redesigned this way following the Great Fire of London in 1666.

By breaking up urban areas with large open spaces, the city’s planners ensured that any future blazes would not be able to spread with such a devastating effect, meaning fewer buildings would become damaged.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the change of the seasons then you may want to start by taking a trip to Hampstead Heath, which extends all the way from Parliament Hill – a spot that offers breathtaking views over the entire London skyline – to Hampstead itself.

London Autmn

One of the largest and most rural-feeling parklands in the capital, this is a great place to go if you really want to escape the city and stroll among the falling leaves.

Elsewhere, Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park is a terrific spot for immersing yourself in nature, with stunning floral arrangements to behold and the chance to walk across the most famous of all London’s parks. It may be located in the very heart of the city, but it will make you feel a million miles away.

Other great parks where you can enjoy the autumnal atmosphere include the likes of Regent’s Park, Richmond Park and London Fields.

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