Enjoy the Crafted exhibition at Somerset House

A new exhibition celebrating outstanding British craftsmanship is set to be in situ at Somerset House for a short period next month.

Walpole British Luxury and Vacheron Constantin host Crafted: Makers of the Exceptional and it will see a collection of works by talented and pioneering artisans that demonstrate their passion, dedication and expertise in the works. They will bring to life the entire creative process, from the raw material and initial thoughts to the valuable finished works.

Visitors to central London hotels for the exhibition – running from April 4th to 6th – can see at first hand the processes from stitching on a calf-skin leather handbag to the intricate metalwork that is required to complete a statement mirror.

Somerset House facade
The aim of the exhibition is to show that expert craftsmanship is at the heart of all luxury goods that we own and admire.

This showcase offers people a unique insight into craft excellence by recreating the artisans’ workshops in Somerset House’s West Wing and elevating the expertise and interactions between design, art and skill of hand.

For the first time, this exhibition will be bringing together those who have been supported by Walpole through the Crafted mentorship programme that it runs, as well as providing a glimpse into the inner workings of Britain’s finest craft businesses.

People looking for things to do when in London are sure to enjoy this, especially given the fact that it is completely free.

Visitors to the city won’t want to be travelling to the far out reaches of the city as the transport system isn’t quite as reliable as in the centre. Luckily, Somerset House is placed in the middle of the capital and can be reached easily on the London Underground.

Indeed, it is situated just a short walk away from the Temple and Covent Garden Tube stops.

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