Fall in love with Shakespeare once again this summer

Hollywood flick Shakespeare in Love took cinemas by storm in 1998, while it managed to win seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Gwyneth Paltrow’s electric performance. However, this famous tale has been adapted for a new show at the Noel Coward Theatre in London.

The story tells the tale of playwright William Shakespeare who, drowning in debt and suffering from writer’s block, is desperate for some inspiration to create another production. He ends up finding a young noblewoman standing in the audience of one of his shows, and she ends up becomes his new muse; an affair that attracts the attention of rival writers and even Queen Elizabeth I. Eventually, Shakespeare is able to muster up his efforts to write his great love story, Romeo and Juliet.

While the original screenplay was written by Tom Stoppard and Lee Hall, director Declan Donnellan has put a new modern twist on it, sure to draw audiences in with its fantastic music, knowing jokes and colourful characters. Even if you are not a Shakespeare fan, this charming production is first and foremost a drama and should have all ages amused.

Shakespeare in Love will be at the Noel Coward Theatre from July 23rd to October 25th, so you may want to consider this production if you are thinking of which one to see during a trip to London. You may also want to stay in the West End after your show, where you will have access to a wide variety of trendy hipster bars where you can party well into the morning hours. After all that, head to one of the many London hotels available and rest your weary head!

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