Fashion designer lists top shopping spots

Visitors to Montcalm luxury London hotels may be interested in a list of the top shopping and dining spots the capital has to offer as compiled by fashion blogger Sunday Girl, aka Jade Williams.

Topping her list is Maison Trois Garcons, owned by the same group behind Les Trois Garcons, which she describes as a “complete find”.

She added: “Nothing is in my price bracket but I leave feeling so inspired.”

Ribbons and fashion materials shop VV Rouleaux is the next location on her list, with the expert saying it is “filled with treasures”.

“Recently I went in for a browse and ended up with string of pompoms,” she explained. “I took them home and was inspired to turn an old jumper into a throw-cushion.”

For lazier shopping days the, blogger goes to The Parlour at Sketch, which boasts a mixed decor of old and new.

“To me, it’s like sitting in an art gallery, there’s so much to look at!” enthused Ms Williams. “I love their food, the attention to detail on everything you order, it a very decadent way to waste an afternoon.”

Additionally, she suggested stopping in at the Pet Shop in Harrods which always features a wide array of pedigree animals.

She praised the luxury retailer for how well they treat the animals and for its selection of extravagant pet accessories.

The Last Tuesday Society provides an old-fashioned, Victorian-style curiosity shop in Hackney.

Ms Williams touts the shop’s selection of “odd bits and bobs”, like science posters, taxidermy and plastic body parts.

“It’s sinister yet somehow soft around the edges,” explained the fashionista. “Lots of the pieces in here inspired my collection for Firetrap which I wanted to be feminine but with a dark edge.”

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