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London visitors looking for an activity filled getaway while staying in 5 star hotels in London have been urged to hit the city’s top museums by official tourism group Visit London.
Promising that tourists will be “amazed” by the museums, many of which are free and contain some of the world’s most important artefacts, the group compiled a list of the best places to go to.

“There are many London museums to choose from, including the British Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. Many of London’s big museums are free, so it won’t cost you a penny to see all that London’s museums have to offer,” explained the group.

“At London’s museums you can see one of the world’s finest collections of Ancient Egyptian artefacts; examine a 26-metre-long dinosaur; find out what it was like to live in medieval London and get up close to a human torpedo.”

The group’s top suggestion to those staying in hotel accommodation in London was the British Museum.

Globally important items are held in the world-famous museum, spanning man’s prehistoric works through to modern times.

Among the many things on offer in the free museum are the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures and the real mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection.

Additionally, the group suggests that inquisitive minds head to the Science Museum where they can look at displays of past, present and future technology.

“See, touch and experience the major scientific advances of the last 300 years; don’t forget the awesome Imax cinema,” explained the Visit London.

Boasting artefacts from over 3,000 years of history, the Victoria & Albert Museum celebrates art and design from across human history.

“A real treasure trove of goodies, you never know what you’ll discover next: furniture, paintings, sculpture, metalwork, and textiles, the list goes on and on,” added Visit London.

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