Formula One display planned for Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show has long been a major attraction for green-fingered guests at best hotels London.

But this year’s event could also prove a big draw for fans of motorsport, following the news that a Formula One team is to exhibit at the show.

The Williams F1 team has partnered with King & Co, an Essex-based horticultural firm, to create a life-size topiary F1 car and pit crew display.

Williams will supply several real F1 car parts to feature in the display, which is being created in celebration of the racing team’s 35-year history.

Speaking to the BBC, King & Co owner Paul King, a long-time motor racing fan, explained that one of the team’s graphic designers will create the backdrop to the display depicting events from the F1’s illustrious past and present, entitled The Williams Story.

He said: “We’ll also have parts to bolt on, such as steering wheels and hopefully some helmets, either Nigel Mansell’s or Nelson Piquet’s or someone like that.

“We’ll have diffuser parts and inserts for the wheels. They’ll be lots and lots of things so when you’re actually looking at it you can’t tell whether it’s real or a plant.

“It’s going to be fairly spectacular.”

Three years’ of work has gone into getting the topiary F1 car to its current stage and is now in a tunnel to advance its growth in time for the exhibition.

Williams team founder Sir Frank Williams said it was a “great honour” to be taking part in such an iconic show, which he described as a “uniquely British occasion that has stood the test of time”.

“I hope the public find our contribution both unique and entertaining,” he added.

The Chelsea Flower Show takes place at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea between May 22nd and 26th.

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