Fragrance returns to mark Diamond Jubilee

It has been confirmed that a perfume originally released to mark the birth of Princess Elizabeth is to be re-launched as part of the ongoing Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Floris first marketed the Royal Arms scent in April 1926 and believe that the Diamond Jubilee is a great reason to re-launch it for a whole new generation of buyers, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Shelagh Foyle, the brand’s current perfumer, describes the fragrance has having a floral note with touches of rose, violet and ylang ylang, as well as high notes of bergamot, lemon and violet leaves.

The re-released perfume is true to the original scent although there are some slight changes because some of the original ingredients are no longer available, including cascarilla, which used to be extracted from a small tree that grown on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera.

Interested buyers will be able to purchase the regular eau de parfum for £99 per 100ml and in addition, Floris have also produced a limited number of special £15,000 crystal bottles decorated with a white diamond – one of which is to be donated to the Queen as a special Jubilee gift.

Floris has been selling perfume in central London since the 17th century and remains in the original shop opened by founder Juan Famenias Floris at No 89 Jermyn Street.

Visitors staying at luxury hotels in Marble Arch, such as the Montcalm, could also be interested in a museum on the same site that celebrates the rich history of the fragrance company.

The official Jubilee weekend will begin on June 2nd and is to mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign. A number of events are planned for the celebrations including a special Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant that will see up to 1,000 boats from around the world sail down the river.

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