Get all emotional at the Southbank Festival of Love

London is a great place to be with your loved ones, whether that is a partner, your kids, a group of friends or anyone else that you feel strong affection towards. The reason is that there is just so much to do and such an array of memorable experiences to be had in the capital, and sharing these with others never fails to help strengthen the bond you have with them.

So, whether you are in love or are looking for love, there’s no better place to head to this summer than London, and if you need a few pointers on how to make your time in the city extra special then you are in luck.

That’s because a unique festival dedicated entirely to love is currently taking place at the Southbank Centre, and will run for the duration of the summer.

The aptly-named Southbank Festival of Love aims to celebrate what it calls the Seven Kinds of Love, so you don’t necessarily have to be in a traditional relationship with someone in order to take part.

Each weekend between now and the end of August will be dedicated to a different one of these seven types of love, which means that each time you return to the festival you’re likely to experience something completely different.

For example, the weekend of July 12th and 13th will be all about Storge – the Greek word for the love that family members feel towards one another. Head down to the Southbank Centre and you’ll be able to take part in a range of fantastic activities, including the Big Family Busk, which encourages family groups to make their own musical instruments and play together as a band.

Later in the summer, London’s biggest speed-dating event will be held on the weekend of August 23rd and 24th as part of the festival’s celebration of Eros and Ludus – meaning romantic and erotic love. This will be followed by the world’s largest mass wedding on August 30th – an event that is sure to be emotional!

The Southbank Centre can be accessed from several tube stations, all of which are easily reachable from the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch.

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