Get up close and personal with masterpieces

Art aficionados staying at luxury suites in London have been urged to take in some of the capital’s best galleries which are usually empty, providing a near private viewing experience.

According to Time Out London, the period after Christmas and around New Year’s Eve is a quiet season for galleries, with the publication says it’s an ideal time to get close to the masterpieces.

Topping the bill, the group says Roy Lichtenstein’s 1963 Whaam is a prime piece to view at the Tate Modern.

“The American was at the height of his comic superhero-infused powers when painting this war themed double whammy, which has to be seen to be experienced – preferably without a school party sat in front of it on Level 5 of Tate Modern,” it commented.

Popular in the 1960s, the pop-artist’s comic book-style work was regularly exhibited alongside pieces by Andy Warhol and other prominent figures of the era.

Paul Cezanne’s Montagne Sainte Victorie in Somerset House is also hailed as a must-see during this quiet period.

Dating back to 1887, the piece is a prized possession of the Courtauld Institute’s various attractions.

The venue’s Terrace Rooms are also playing host to 20 Years of Dazed & Confused Magazine: Making it up as we go along.

Somerset House has curated the exhibit to immortalise the magazine’s best-known “visual stories”, featuring photoshoots, iconic covers, editorial content and work from designers, artists and photographers.

Vincent van Gogh’s 1888 masterpiece Sunflowers can also be enjoyed in peace and quiet in Room 45 of the National Portrait Gallery.

The events publication says the painting is usually surrounded by admirers, sometimes five-deep.
“These intense, sunny little paintings require close and quiet study and speak of a post-Christmas period of abstinence,” the group commented.

Guests staying in central London hotels can easily access a variety of galleries and museums during this quiet period.

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