Grayson Perry exhibit comes to British Museum

Those who appreciate off-beat modern art staying in luxury suites in London can now enjoy Grayson Perry: The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman at The British Museum.

Set to close on February 19th, the exhibit features the collection of artists and curator Grayson Perry which serves as a memorial to craftsmen.

Set within in the famed central London museum, ideal for those in hotels in Marble Arch, the exhibit features of a mix of his own work and pieces from across the British Museum collection.

Mr Perry promises to take visitors on a journey that explores craftsmanship and sacred relics, including shamanism, magic, holy relics, motorbikes, identity and contemporary culture.

Among the items on display are vases covered in witty captions, antique elaborate tapestries, a richly decorated cast iron coffin-ship and more from across human history.

“This is a memorial to all the anonymous craftsmen that over the centuries have fashioned the manmade wonders of the world,” commented the Turner Prize-winning artist.

“The craftsman’s anonymity I find especially resonant in an age of the celebrity artist.”

In addition to the gallery of items, visitors may also be interested in attending talks around the exhibition.

January 5th will see Unknown craftsmen: the dark abyss of time take place at 1:15pm.

The 45-minute talk will be attended by Ian Jenkins, from the museum’s department of Greece and Rome.

Furthermore, February 9th will see the Introducing the Grayson Perry Exhibition talk with project curator Philip Attwood, who has worked with the star artist over the past two years to piece together the display.

Grayson Perry is known for his creative use of ceramics to make comments about societal injustices and hypocrisies.

“The beauty of his work is what draws us close,” praised the museum.

“Covered with scraffito drawings, handwritten and stencilled texts, photographic transfers and rich glazes, Perry’s detailed pots are deeply alluring.”

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