Half marathon is no ‘publicity stunt’

Mo Farah has stated his disappointment at reports suggesting his decision to run half of this year’s London Marathon is a publicity stunt.

It was claimed that Farah is only set to make an appearance at this year’s event because he had been offered a huge fee to run the first half.

However, the star told the Daily Telegraph that he refutes these claims, suggesting it is all part of his plan for the world championships later this year and the full marathon next.

Farah insists that the thinking behind his half race is to learn about the London course in order to ease his transition to the full distance next year, without compromising his plans to double up in the world championships in Moscow a la last summer’s Olympics.

He told the publication: “The day when I’m just taking the money to do this or do that is the day when I won’t be feeling 100 per cent in my heart. If it came to that, it would be wrong.”

Farah hopes he can transform his track fitness to the longer form of racing but admits he doesn’t how quickly he’ll be able to go when the time comes.

“I have done long 20-mile runs but not at marathon pace. I should be able to run 2.10 comfortably but when you train for it – and at my level, I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t run faster than that,” he continued.

People staying in luxury hotels in London on April 21st for the big race are sure to be keen to see the race from the start, however, with such a high profile athlete lining up, space at the start line is likely to be limited.

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