Have a mean time in Greenwich this half term

If you’re looking for somewhere interesting to go with the kids in London this October half term, why not take them to Greenwich?

Not only is this one of the most significant spots in the capital – being the point where the eastern and western hemispheres meet – but it’s also full of fantastic attractions that are sure to keep youngsters of all ages fully entertained.

Among these is the Cutty Sark, once the fastest and most cutting-edge sea-faring vessel of her day.

Visitors are able to get up close and personal with the ship, strolling around the decks and entering the holds where cargo was stored, while also learning all about what life was like for sailors onboard the Cutty Sark courtesy of a brilliant series of exhibits.

Close by, you’ll find the National Maritime Museum, which is the world’s largest exhibition centre dedicated to the exploration of the seas.


Featuring its own children’s gallery – where kids can partake in exciting activities like steering a ship into port or firing a canon at a pirate fleet – it’s the perfect place for a half-term adventure, and the kids might even learn something to boot – not that they’ll realise that’s what’s happening because of all the fun they’ll be having.

From the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park is just a short stroll away, and is home to the world-famous Royal Observatory.

Perched on a hill offering unrivalled views of the London Skyline, this star-gazing centre is the perfect place to fire little ones’ imagination, and contains the city’s only planetarium as well as the largest refracting telescope in the country.

It’s also here that you’ll find the Meridian Line, which marks the point at which the world starts measuring time zones, so there’s absolutely no way that anyone could possibly fail to be inspired by a trip to this truly wonderful attraction.

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