Historic performance of Handel’s Messiah

The Royal Choral Society is preparing for its annual Good Friday performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall later this year.

Holding a performance of the world famous piece is an annual tradition that originated in 1878, making this the 134th year that the choir will have delivered their recital of the Messiah at the beginning of Easter weekend.

The choir itself was founded in 1872, meaning that this year marks its 140th anniversary – an impressive milestone, and one that reveals the historical prominence of the society.

Good Friday falls on April 6th this year, and the performance will take place at 14:30 in the Kensington venue.

This event is likely to appeal to a vast audience that stretches far beyond the residents of the capital. The Montcalm Hotels are within walking distance of the Royal Albert Hall, and many could be tempted to use this as a base from which to go and experience the performance of the Messiah.

In the past, numerous recordings have been made of the recital, with the most recent being completed in 1994.

With the event only taking place once a year, a very small number of people get to experience the power of the choir first hand, making this a particularly exclusive occasion.

The Royal Albert Hall itself is a historical venue. Built in 1871, it is only just a little bit older than the Choral Society, and also hosts the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance every year.

Considering the rare opportunity that this year’s event offers, any fans of classical music must surely be eager to attend and take advantage of a seldom seen performance that presents a great way to mark the end of lent.

Luxury suites in London may be in high demand given the exclusivity of the recital.

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