Hotel and Their Facilities

London is famous for its hospitality which goes hand in hand with tourism.People from all over the world come to Lonodn for a holiday.There are all kind of people who often visit London for different purposes.Keeping this in mind there is no dearth of accommodation In London,There are various kind of accommodation which are sought after for different group of people.people who normally come to London for official purpose go in for services apartments or guesthouses,where as people who come for higher studies,and research related work like to either stay in shared accommodation of college hostels.And the majority of the people who visit London are for tourism look for hotels and bed and breakfast places.

When we talk about hotels , then these can also be classified into various categories according to comforts facilities and tariff.

Budget hotels-These are appropriate for people who are travelling to London on a tight budget but at the same time are looking for a comfortable stay

Bed and breakfast places-These are quite synonymous with budget hotels.,The only added advantage is that they also provide with complimentary breakfast along with a stay

4-5 star hotel-People who do not have any dearth of money and are looking for luxury other than just comfort can board in a 4-5 star hotels

Spa hotels London – Luxury doesn’t only end here. Nowadays 4-5 star hotels have facilities like spa, gymnasium etc.. And are termed as spa hotel London. These have facilities which don’t only provide you comfort but also make you feel the luxury of your vacation.

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