Hotels On Park Lane: The Best Choice

The Park Lane is located in the heart of London in the Manchester City. A very old road, it provides a wonderful connection to almost all of London and thus is a favorite place for tourists as well as those visiting London on business and wishing to look around the city as well. The Park Lane runs between two major and famous landmark of the city, namely the Marble Arch and the Hyde Park, both of which are famous tourist attractions. So if you are on vacation or on a business trip with a plan to visit some parts of London in between, Park lane will be a perfect choice for accommodation. Not only the nearby locations will be an attraction, but also the central location will ensure ease of access to most of London.

Even though just 1.2 kilometers long, the Park Lane houses some of the best accommodation facilities in all of London. Some of the most famous five star hotels on Park Lane like The Dorchester, The Grosvenor House Hotel, and many more adorn the lane and provide wonderful and luxurious accommodations for all. The hotels on Park Lane are collectively called the Park lane Hotels after the name of the street though there is a hotel by that name too. The five star hotels are definitely costly and can be safely said to be one of the most expensive ones available in the entire city.

But those on a smaller budget need not lose heart as beside the really expensive and luxurious accommodations there are other cheaper hotels on Park Lane available that can be afforded by those on a tight budget and cannot indulge in such luxury. The Park Hotel London, which is a hotel in itself, offers cheap accommodation and a very friendly atmosphere. The hotel is run by a family and offer accommodation at a very cheap rate.

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