How to Visit London on a Low Budget

London is a fantastic place to visit and explore and therefore is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the world. But there is one thing about London that nobody likes and that is the expensive nature of the city. It is way more expensive than most exotic locations of Asia and this is one of the reasons why people drift away from the great city and head towards cheaper destinations. But missing out on a trip to London just because it is expensive is not fair. So here is a list of things you can do to make your London holiday cheaper.

London on Budget
• Cash in on Slashed Air Fares – From booking in advance to keeping an eye on the last minute cancellations, do whatever you can to make air travel cheaper. Airlines keep slashing prices in a bid to cut down competition. Subscribe for email alerts from the airline you use the most and grab the first price cut opportunity or deal you see. Try out booking on Tuesdays, flights are slightly cheaper on this day.

• Budget Hotels – Book hotels in advance to get a good deal because hotels cost a lot in this city. If you have a small holiday budget, don’t look towards expensive 5 star hotels London. Look for budget hotels and those offering deals and packages so you can spend more on shopping and eating out rather than banal hotel luxuries.

• Free Museums – A good thing about London is that the best is for free, as far as museums are concerned. Natural History Museum, British Museum and National Gallery all are awesome and all have free entry tickets.

• Travel the Good Old Way – The original open tour open is still the best way to see London. These trips are organised several times a day and are much better and cheaper than travelling in cabs. You will see all the famous attractions of London for a very reasonable price.

• Eating Out – You will be tempted to visit the Michelin star restaurants of London, but these are not the only places for awesome food. There are plenty of good restaurants and cafes that offer quality food at a discounted price during lunchtime. Try out some amazing Indian and Chinese food or head for the traditional fish and chips.

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